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Saw V Saw V
Genre: Action/Crime/Horror/Mystery/Thriller
Released: 2008
Rating: BDK BDK BDK Half BDK
Surprisingly, the FIFTH installment of the series has a nice flow to it and is still being able to dish out newly designed horrific torture scenes. Just when you thought all of the torture scenes had been used up in the past 4 films, think again. They always find some way to outdo themselves. I will say this though, and I have said this is past "Saw" reviews, that the worst scene I ever saw in one of these films was in Saw II. There was a scene where a character was pushed into a pit of hypodermic needles and she had to swim her way through them to find a key to unlock a door. That to me is one of the worst things that could ever happen to someone. There was a scene in Saw III that had me dry heaving to the point of vomiting. Saw IV was a bit of a disappointment though, which is why Saw V had nothing really good going for it. Well, it turns out they spit out a very decent torture flick yet again.

Everyone remembers when the first Saw came out. That movie was made for $1 million and made almost 20 times that in its first weekend. Therefore, if your question is why they keep making these films, then there is your answer. They obviously gross way more money than their budget. Isn't there a point though where the studio finds it to be over saturating? To be completely honest, there have been so many of these films now that I have lost track of the flow of the entire story. Somehow, Jigsaw, who died in the third film, has found a way to make it back into the 4th and now 5th film and you will see how that works. Saw V stars Tobin Bell (who plays Jigsaw), Scott Paterson (Agent Strahm), Costas Mandylor and Betsy Russell, who plays Jigsaw's wife.

The film opens with an EXTREMELY graphic torture scene that involves a pendulum. I will not give any detail but this particular person being murdered, Seth Baxter, plays a very important role to the story. We found out in the 4th film that Detective Hoffman (Mandylor) was helping out Jigsaw (Bell) with the murders. Since Jigsaw is now dead, he needed someone to continue his legacy and that is what Mandylor was used for. This time around, Mandylor is now considered a hero because he saves a little girl in the beginning and basically "takes down Jigsaw," even though he is already dead. He becomes the hero but the problem lies in the fact that one of his victims, Agent Strahm (Patterson), makes it out alive, in what I would say is a pretty brutal scene. Strahm makes it is his goal the entire film to piece this together to find out who the accomplice is. He finds out pretty shortly that it has something to do with Hoffman and wants to bring him down. While all of this is occurring, there is a new game being played between five new characters that are somehow connected. Therefore, you have Strahm looking for Hoffman, a new five person jigsaw game and Jigsaw's ex-wife, Jill (Betsy Russell) participating in the fun as well. Though, her character was very vague throughout the film and we never really figure out her whole deal.

In case you have never seen any of the films, Jigsaw was a normal guy who was diagnosed with cancer and made it his goal to show people how to appreciate their lives. He felt that people who were more fortunate than others to have life, needed to be shown this fact. Therefore, he puts them in situations where they have to make choices. Jigsaw is a serial killer who has actually never killed anyone and it is always the victims who kill themselves.

SPOILER ALERT!!!!! Overall, if a Saw movie makes me cringe, gag or almost vomit, it has done its job. I am not going to say when or where this scene happens, but there is a scene where 10 pints of blood is needed in order to open up a door. The human body, according to Jigsaw, has 10 pints of blood in it. There are only 2 people in this scene and their blood is needed to open this door. In order to get this blood, they have to put their arms right into a saw blade to drain the blood. It was literally one of the most painful things I have ever seen in my entire life!!

If you are wondering how Tobin Bell is still in the movie, it is very similar to the fourth one where we see him through flashbacks. Throughout the movie, Agent Strahm is trying to uncover Hoffman as the accomplice and while in the rooms that were used for past Jigsaw games, they do a Reservoir Dogs type of scene where the old characters show up in the same scene; basically the past and present are in the same room.

This is the kind of movie that if not seen, it won't hurt. You have seen this type of torture before. If you want to see more violence and new levels check it out. It is not anywhere near as genre changing as the first film but it still succeeds on the "Saw" level where you get torture and twists. If that is your thing, check it out. The flow was very good and it keeps your interest. As with all the films, you get your big twist ending but as the films go on, the endings do get weaker. That is the big problem with the series. I give the film a 3.5 BDK rating because I do feel that if you are a fan, I would check it out as a matinee. If not, but you are intrigued, rent the others and just wait for the rental on this one.